This is Bob and his wife, Gerry’s home. It is a passive solar, straw bale built home. The straw bale provides excellent insulation in the harsh winters of Taos. It has concrete flooring, complete with radiant heating. The heating bill is minimal, and no cooling needed! The home is completed with a stucco exterior. MORE PICTURES COMING SOON!

Talpa Home

More pictures to come on this project. The Talpa house has been an ongoing project beginning in 2011. We have remodeled kitchens, added a mini kitchen, re-finished existing flooring, and viga ceilings. We added 2 upstairs decks. A special custom bathroom was added (pics to come soon!) and family sitting room. All new appliances and tankless water heaters. The stucco was beautifully redone all the way around the home as well. We put in a brick pathway to the main entry gate, and repaired the gate as well.

Fire Restoration Home

This home had a small fire and restoration was needed in places. While we were there, the client had us refinish the kitchen, bathroom vanities, and some painting. We provided some services out side of the home as well including but not limited to painting and landscaping.

Natatorium room/exercise room addition

This was a interesting addition. The client wanted to add a room with a swimming pool and exercise area. This required a mechanical room for the operation of the pool and all fixtures that are necessary for the proper operation of the pool. The pool room is solar powered, saving electricity. The pool went into an upstairs room, and had to be installed and built around. The client choose a flagstone floor, due to the water factor, and lots of windows for light and to offer passive solar heat as well. The ceiling is a nice tung & groove wood. The exterior was finished in stucco to match the existing home, and propanel roofing.